The Spark Erosion Centre: high-quality manufacturing

You can count on our many years' experience and professional working methods. The Spark Erosion Centre are specialists in EDM sub-con services.  We can also provide an economical option to fully produce parts incorporating some EDM element within them.


Advantages of working with us at a glance

  • 30 year old company with 12+ skilled engineers
  • ISO registered to assure you of quality and tracability
  • Database support systems to assist in
    • quick quoting
    • consistent pricing
    • historical tracability
    • cross referencing between quotes and orders
    • tracability of parts, engineers and machines 
  • And lets not forget the pleasant and knowledgable management team!



Give us a call on +44 1698 823486. We'll be happy to discuss our high-quality work and find out exactly how we can help.